5-minutes installation guide

Ubooquity can be deployed in a few minutes on any desktop computer (Windows, Linux or MacOS).
As Ubooquity does not modify any file outside of its own directory, you can easily try it out this way before installing it elsewhere.

NB: to run Ubooquity using the command line, on a NAS for instance, read the User Manual


Ubooquity server requires Java 8. You can download it here.


Ubooquity is now running and displays its desktop interface:


The only remaining thing to do is to choose which folders you want to share.

You’re all set!
Go back to the desktop interface and click on the Library button to access your books.

Going further

The User Manual contains much more information about what you can do with Ubooquity.

In case you prefer to learn as you go, here are a few useful tips to get you started: